Safe in Dance International (SiDI) believes that it is the right of everyone involved in dance to teach, study, train, rehearse and perform in a safe and supportive environment. With this in view we support, develop, encourage and endorse the implementation of healthy dance practice worldwide.

How can we help you? Are you a dancer, an independent dance leader – teacher, choreographer or director – or do you work in a dance school? At whatever level you practice, amateur, recreational, pre-professional or professional, and in whichever dance style, we can support your efforts to develop and maintain healthy dance practice for you and your participants.

How do we do this? SiDI offers international recognition of your understanding and practical application of Healthy Dance Practice through Certificates and Study Options. If you want to evidence your awareness and understanding of the principles that uphold safe and healthy dance practice, assuring employers, parents and your students that you know how to put your dancers’ wellbeing first, we provide a range of options for you. Take a look at our Certificates and Study Options page.

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