About Us

Safe in Dance International (SiDI) believes that it is the right of everyone involved in dance to study, rehearse, train, perform and teach in a healthy, safe and supportive environment. Whether dancer or dance teacher, working with professionals pushing physical boundaries, with children who you need to protect and support, in dance competitions and exams, or with adults enjoying dance just for the fun of it, our intention is to support your interests and needs in healthy dance practice by helping you to evidence your knowledge of safe dance.

Maggie Morris and Sonia Rafferty and some of their current advisors first discussed the formation of Safe in Dance International in early 2012. In 2013 SiDI was formed by Maggie Morris and Matthew Tomlinson with Sonia Rafferty as our Senior Associate. Our advisory groups are made from key members of IADMS and partners of NIDMS.

In May 2014, after rigorous quality assurance review and inspection, SiDI, was confirmed as an Affiliate of the Council for Dance Education and Training. This means that any Continuing Professional Development offered through the HDPC Certificate and through registered Providers Courses is now endorsed by the CDET.

In the past 3 years SiDI has developed its world reach, working across three continents. They work with universities, colleges, schools, studios and individuals worldwide to promote and endorse Safe and Effective Dance Practice.

SiDI works closely with International Healthy Dance and Dance Science organisations to promote their missions. They work with the National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science to promote their joint education mission and also with Healthier Dancer Canada.