The International Dance Community

The lead academic partners at SIDI have over 60 years of professional dance experience behind us as dancers, choreographers, artistic directors and teachers – we are first and foremost dance artists rather than dance scientists. We know that what we do works, because we ourselves have experienced it’s efficacy, personally, within our companies and for our dancers.

We are confident in our skills, our knowledge and our ability to support your needs because we work with experts in the field at the highest level.

Our advisors are top level, international experts in the field of Healthy Dance Practice, SiDI works closely with the National Institute for Dance Medicine and Science to fulfill our complementary education missions.

We have the endorsement of the Council for Dance Education and Training for the efficacy, rigour and quality of our provision.

  • National Institute of Dance Medicine and Science (NIDMS)

    NIDMS and SiDI work together to promote the education mission of NIDMS and the vision of SiDI particularly, but not exclusively, through the development of the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate and related activities.

    NIDMS mission is: “To develop, implement, and disseminate scientific knowledge and evidence-based practice centred on the promotion and optimisation of health, well-being, and performance in dance”.

    NIDMS mission is delivered via three programmes


    Which includes:

    • Basic research (looking at cause-effect relationships, mechanisms) and applied research (examining efficacy and effectiveness of interventions)
    • Physiological/metabolic, biomechanical, psychological (including motor learning/control, perception-action, and psychoneurological perspectives), sociological, and pedagogical research

    Clinical Practice

    Which is:

    • Multi-disciplinary (including physiotherapy, physiological, psychological, nutritional elements etc.)
    • Centred on the prevention (via screening and training techniques) and treatment of injuries and addresses compromised mental/emotional health and diminished performance


    • Disseminating state-of-the-art information to dancers, teachers/instructors, artistic directors, choreographers, etc.
    • Developing educational/training programmes and professional development opportunities for current and future researchers and practitioners

  • Healthy Dancer Canada

    Healthy Dancer Canada is a partner organisation and their mission is to foster and facilitate communication and collaboration among the dance community, health professionals and researchers. We endeavour to enhance the health, well- being and performance of all dancers and to be the Canadian leader in this effort.

  • Council for Dance Education and Training

    “The programme of Continuing Professional Development delivered by Safe in Dance International (SiDI) is endorsed by the Council for Dance Education and Training, confirming SiDI as a CDET Affiliate.”

    Glyn Jones, Director, CDET

    The Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) provides Quality Assurance for the professional dance and musical theatre industries. It is the first point of contact for those seeking information on education, training and assessment in the UK. The Council negotiates with government bodies, as well as national and international agencies on behalf of our member organisations.

  • People Dancing


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  • Our International Advisory Groups

    We take advice and support from international experts in the field of dance wellness, dance science, healthy dance practice. Please click here to find out more about our team and our advisors.

The international Association for Dance Medicine & Science endorses the core principles underlying our certificates.