Healthy Dance Practice Certificate (HDPC)

The Healthy Dance Practice Certificate is designed for those teaching or leading dancers in any setting and in any style. This Certificate asks you to provide evidence of your understanding of all of the Core Principles by completing all of the Sections: One, Two and Three. You will need to submit a variety of materials for review – further detail guidance on how to complete the HDPC is available in the Candidate pack provided on registration. Working towards this Certificate will improve your understanding of the inter-related factors that contribute to and enhance healthy dance practice and support the physical and mental wellbeing of participants.

It is often thought that safe practice is about restrictive health and safety legislation but there are many more aspects to take into account. Research into this multi-layered approach will lead you to learn more about the necessity of understanding how the body works biomechanically to promote good alignment, discover how good injury awareness and management can protect dancers, why proper nutrition and hydration is important to maintain dancers health and performance while they dance and why psychological elements should be taken into consideration to ensure a safe and effective learning environment. While these are all essential to providing a positive dance experience, it is vital that they are applied with the specific participant group’s needs, abilities and desired outcomes in mind. Your submitted materials will demonstrate both your knowledge and application of all of the Core Principles, with direct attention paid to your specific dancers and stylistic context.

This certificate awards 60 hours of continuing professional development.

The cost of the HDPC is £190

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