• What are the Healthy Dance Certificates?

    The Healthy Dance Certificates, covering Preparation for Healthy Dance, Healthy Dancer and Healthy Dance Practice are international certificates written and devised by Safe in Dance International (SiDI) with advice and support from international experts in the field of healthy dance practice and dance science. They support and endorse good practice in key areas such as: warm up and cool down, basic anatomy and physiology, safe sequencing and progression of dance sessions, injury prevention and management, nutrition and hydration, and ensuring a safe environment.

  • Why would having a Certificate benefit me?

    Gaining the Healthy Dance Certificate that suits your needs provides you with professional endorsement of your understanding in areas of Healthy Dance Practice. The Healthy Dance Practice Certificate and the Preparation for Healthy Dance Certificate both award CPD endorsed by the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET) and gives you evidence to show parents, employers and students that you have the knowledge to uphold a safe dance environment and healthy dance practice, for dancers of any age, amateur or professional.

  • Do any of your Certificates award Continuing Professional Development?

    Yes, The Healthy Dance Practice CPD Certificate (Independent Study) awards 60 hours of CPD which is endorsed by the Council for Dance Education and Training. The Preparation for Healthy Dance Certificate awards 10 hours of CPD.

  • Can I get training to prepare me to take the Certificates? 

    Yes, there are several routes to get support or training. There is a range of courses world-wide that deliver information on healthy dance relevant to the requirements of our Certificates. There are also organisations that provide courses or give presentations covering subjects and topics appropriate to Certificate requirements. We also have Registered Providers who offer full courses covering all the aspects of the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate and also offer on line mentoring. For more information email maggie@safeindance.com.

  • Can I take your Certificates without undertaking a course?

    Yes, if you already have the knowledge and experience you can register independently to submit for review. Email maggie@safeindance.com for further information.

  • Is your healthy dance work only for people who teach ballet, jazz and modern/contemporary dance?

    Absolutely not, the Certificates are relevant to whatever dance style you might work in and with whomever you work or teach. Our requirements include a question on your particular genre of dance so, in that way, it is tailored to your individual needs. Whether you teach Contemporary, Ballet, Hip Hop, Ballroom, Latin, Street, or Traditional African, Classical Indian or Belly Dancing, the Certificates are relevant to you.

  • Is the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate just for teachers?

    No, we encourage any professional who works in dance, leading dancers to apply. If you are an artistic director, choreographer, or rehearsal director, our Certificates can be applied to your practice too.

  • What do I have to do to complete one of your Certificates?

    First register with SiDI through the website and then submit the required materials. To attain the full Certificate you will be asked to answer a series of short questions, write a number of short essays on specific topics, provide a recording of you leading a dance session, demonstrating your understanding of our Core Principles, for example, warm up and cool down, and include some discussion and reflection of your work. Full details of the Certificate requirements and guidance on how to complete will be sent to you as soon as you register.

  • How long will it take to complete a Healthy Dance Certificate?

    You can take up to one year from registration to submit to SiDI for review.

  • How long is one of your Certificates valid for?

    At present there is no time restriction to the validity of the certificate. It is envisioned that in the future there may be the opportunity to update your CPD in Healthy Dance Practice though a new submission, evidencing your knowledge to reflect the most recent research in dance science and safe practice. SiDI has the hope that undertaking this certification will encourage practitioners to continue to refresh their healthy dance practice knowledge within their own genre and context.

  • Do your Certificates hold any qualification status?

    The Healthy Dance Certificates hold no formal qualification status at present. We are, however, working with an HE Provider to award HE credits to the Certificate. If you would like an update on the status of this initiative, please email maggie@safeindance.com.

  • What is a Registered Provider?

    A Registered Provider is an individual or organisation that provides tuition in the relevant Safe in Dance International Core Principles of healthy dance and who has successfully completed the SiDI Registered Provider accreditation process. They may offer workshops/events that deal with specific elements of healthy practice within short sessions or cover all the areas in a longer model. They may also offer mentoring and reviewing of material for submission. A Registered Provider will have evidenced to SiDI that they are able to provide the relevant resources and the required level of expertise and experience to guide you to attain the knowledge that you need to achieve one of our Certificates.

  • How can I become a Registered Provider of the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate?

    To become a Registered Provider you will first need to register interest with SiDI, either by contacting us through the website or by emailing maggie@safeindance.com. We will then send you the registration requirements. You will be asked to submit materials to SiDI to ensure the quality assurance of your provision. While there is no required syllabus set by SiDI that must be followed, your course must specifically relate to the Core Principles and the guidance provided. You will be required to give details of how you propose to structure your own course.

  • How much does it cost to do one of the SiDI Certificates?

    Our Certificates range from £35 to £150. The costs for each one can be found on the relevant Certificates pages.

    For international rates please contact info@safeindance.com

  • Does the character in your logo have a name?

    Yes she does. Her name is Titania.

If you have any further questions about our Certificates, or about Safe in Dance International and its activities, please email maggie@safeindance.com.