Preparing for Safer Dance Practice

An interactive online course developed through a partnership between Safe in Dance International and People Dancing.

This four-unit online programme, developed by Safe in Dance International (SiDI) and People Dancing, enables access to learning without the need to attend a course in person. It provides any dance practitioner – teacher, leader, director or dancer – with the knowledge needed to integrate and manage safe and healthy practice principles into all dance learning or working environments. Applicable to all dance styles, from classical ballet and ballroom to hip-hop and Zumba, it can also be used in relation to any context, whether working with children or adults, beginners or professionals.

This course contains all the content needed to undertake the Preparation for Healthy Dance Certificate, plus an introduction to other relevant SiDI Core Principles, such as warm up and cool down and working with dancers’ individual anomalies. It also awards 4 hours of Continuing Professional Development, endorsed by SiDI and the Council for Dance Education and Training (CDET).

The course is built on four key units:

  • Preparing the Dance Space
  • Protecting the Dancer
  • Protecting the Dance Leader
  • From Preparation to Application

The first three units provide all the content needed for the Preparation for Healthy Dance Certificate whilst the forth gives and introduction to some of the additional content of the Healthy Dancer and Healthy Dance Practice Certificates.

The course will help you to:

  • Minimise injury and maximise your own or your participants’ dance experience
  • Prepare for and engage in dance activities in a safe, secure and hazard-free environment
  • Manage working in less than optimum conditions whilst upholding principles of safe and effective practice
  • Promote all dancers’ safety and well-being
  • Become familiar with country specific laws and regulations regarding health and safety
  • Use risk assessment techniques.

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