Registered Providers

Safe in Dance International only endorses best practice providers in the delivery of its materials. In this light our registered providers are practicing professional dancers, choreographers and dance teachers who are as passionate as we are about our mission. We work with them to ensure that any course we recommend gives the best information and support and is designed to support each individual’s needs.

What is a Registered Provider?

‘Registered Providers’ are teachers, dance educators, lecturers, dancer practitioner who have been approved and licensed by Safe in Dance International to teach and deliver all of SiDI’s core principles in a range of ways and a range of settings. They are all required to have:

  • Professional training or experience in dance and dance teaching
  • Professional Dance experience
  • Professional Teaching experience
  • An MSc in Dance Science or Equivalent
  • Achievement in the Healthy Dance Practice Certificate
  • An understanding of how to support and mentor students and professionals
  • A belief in the mission of SiDI

How do I become a Registered Provider?

In order to become a Registered Provider applicants need to submit an application which demonstrated their experience both in the field of healthy dance/dancer wellness as well as their experience as dance educators. The application is sent to our review panel to decide approval of their Registered status. They also have to understand and be able to deliver the 10 Core Principles of Healthy Dance Practice and be able to deliver this to others.

Registered Provider Status can be given to an individual or an organisation. In order to become a Registered Provider (RP) to deliver Healthy Dance Practice Certificates the applicant is required to submit for a review of their delivery. You will send us your CV plus required evidence of their understanding of SiDI’s Core Principles of Healthy Dance.

To apply for registered provider status please contact

Who makes the decision?

The decision of whether to award Registered Provider rests with the SiDI Registered Provider Review Panel. The decision is made on the basis of whether the Provider gives full evidence that they have the background and knowledge to fully deliver the required components of our certificates and can support their students.