Current Registered Providers

Registered Providers are dance teachers, educators and practitioners who have been approved and licensed by Safe in Dance International to teach and deliver all of our Core Principles in a range of ways and a range of settings. They are all required to have:

  • Professional training or experience in dance and dance teaching
  • Achievement in the our Healthy Dance Practice Certificate
  • The ability to provide the appropriate knowledge for our Core Principles
  • An understanding of how to support and mentor learners

Registered Provider Status can be given to an individual or an organisation. In order to become a Registered Provider (RP), applicants need to demonstrate their experience as educators and in the field of healthy dance/dancer wellness. An international Review Panel approves RP status. In order to become an RP, an applicant is required to submit material that evidences their understanding of our ten Core Principles, plus a CV. For more information on becoming an RP click the link to the right of this page.

In addition to the management team Maggie Morris, Sonia Rafferty and our two Associates, Charlotte Tomlinson and Edel Quin we have Registered Providers who can work with you remotely through online support or tutorials, can deliver lectures and courses or some of our Core Principles, or full courses covering the requirements of our certification.  Please look below to see their biography’s and contact information.