How to become a Registered Provider

Registered Provider Status can be given to an individual or an organisation. In order to become a Registered Provider (RP) to deliver Healthy Dance Practice Certificates the applicant is required to submit for a review of their delivery. The applicant RP will send to us their full CV plus required evidence of their understanding of SiDI’s Core Principles of Healthy Dance and how they propose to deliver these to others.

The decision of whether the individual or organisation becomes a Registered Provider rests with the SiDI Review Committee. This committee consists of 4 experts in the field of Healthy Dance Practice and includes Rachel Rist MA, Head of Dance, Tring Park School, UK and former President of IADMS; Margaret Wilson, PhD, Associate Professor University of Wyoming (USA) and Chair Education Committee, IADMS; Maggie Morris MA, Quality and Academic Lead SiDI, and Robin Kish MA, Assistant Professor Chapman University USA.

The judgment will be made on the basis of whether the Provider submits a proposal that is fit for purpose, rigorous, provides the correct information and is in line with SiDI Certificates’ requirements to undertaking Good Practice.

If you are interested in applying to be a registered provider or would like more information on costs and the requirements for Registered Provider status please contact

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